Manhood 101 Manhood 101 Manhood 101 logo We made history our first Manhood 101 conference. 36016041 Foundations of Manhood Session led by Rev. Wayne Reynolds of Grace United Methodist Church 36079855 Open Your Mind to a New Idea Session led by Oscar Rios, music leader for the band Kusi Taki 36079856 Manhood: My Story Session led by Justin Jacobsen 36079857 My Road to Business Success Session led by Anthony Kelley, owner of Total Image Clothing and Total Image Hair and Accessories 36079858 Sticky Women and Teflon Men Session led by Renita Robinson, Family Shelter Manager at the People's City Mission 36079919 How to Become a Doctor Session led by Dr. Derrick Anderson 36079920 Beyond Beats and Rhymes Session led by Otto Green, Jr., founder of Goal Mind, Inc. 36079921 Nathan Johns Service Award Presentation Manhood 101 founder, John Leonard Harris and Aaron Chealey, the recipient of the first Nathan Johns Service Award 37346165 Nathan Johns Service Award recipient Aaron Chealey, the son of Gene and Lelia Chealey is a freshman at Lincoln High. 37346167 Nathan Johns Service Award The certificate presented to Aaron Chealey with a picture (bottom left) of Nathan Johns who served Encouragement Unlimited with distinction. 37346166 39282029 39282030 39282031 39282032 39282033 39282034 39282035 39282036 39282037 39282038 39282039 39282040 39282041 39282042 39282043 39282044 39282045 39282046 39282047 39282048 39282049 39282050 39282051 39282052 39282053 39282054 39282055