Encouraging Moments Coupon Book


What does it mean when you see families at home or some other place and everyone is looking at their cell phones, tablets or handheld game player? Where is the connection, the relationship, the laughter? Our society is losing the value of spending time together and we have created something that we believe will restore cherished moments.

Created by Encouragement Unlimited founder, John Leonard Harris, the   "Encouraging Moments" Coupon Book has  21 coupons/activities to help create the kind of moments that both the giver and the recipient will cherish for a lifetime. Each coupon book comes with a promise from the giver to the recipient and from the recipient to the giver. This promise is a commitment to one another to do everything possible to make sure that the activity being presented is maximized for fun and truly enhances the relationship. There is nothing better than spending quality time together and the "Encouraging Moments" Coupon Book does it like no other.

For every four purchased, the fifth one is FREE!    DON'T WAIT, BUY THEM AND GIVE THEM AS GIFTS TO OTHERS!

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