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  "Offering a hand up and a way out"

            "Encouragement Presents"

Encouragement Unlimited, Inc. offers programs that seek to encourage participation in the arts and teach cultural lessons that bring people together.  John Leonard Harris graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia with degree in Speech and Dramatic Arts.  His love for the theater over the years has led him to be involved in such productions as "Happy Endings" (1978-Washington University Repertory Theater), "The Odd Couple" (1983-University of Missouri Black Theatre Workshop), "Wind in the Wilderness" (1987-Dartmouth College Black Underground Theatre and Arts), "A Day of Absence" (1989-Dartmouth College Black Underground Theatre and Arts), and "The Wiz" (1988-Dartmouth College Black Underground Theatre and Arts, 2007-Lincoln Community Playhouse).

             "Frederick Douglass," freedom fighter

John Leonard Harris portrays one of our nation's greatest statesmen and orators, Frederick Douglass.  Mr. Harris takes his audience on a journey through Douglass' life and brings him alive.  This historic depiction will challenge all who hear it to consider where they stand in the struggle for freedom.
                 "If Dr. King Were Alive Today"

In the Spring of 1987, John Leonard Harris obtained one of two original copies of a tape featuring a speech given by Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on May 23, 1962.  The original reel-to-reel recording had been in a box in the basement of the owner for 25 years.  No one had heard the recording since the night that it was recorded.  What Mr. Harris heard on that tape changed his life forever as he was propelled directly into the heart of the civil rights movement.

Today, he shares with audiences across the country what he heard on that tape and how Dr. King's message impacted the country when it was given, as well as what it means now. The presentation is called,
"If Dr. King Were Alive Today." 

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To book either of these great performances, contact Encouragement Unlimited, Inc. by phone at: 402.309.9411 or email: mr.encouragement@gmail.com.

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