Encouragement Unlimited, Inc. seeks to partner with other charitable and community-based organizations and agencies whose mission is to serve those in need.  The plan is not to duplicate services, but rather to enhance the great work that is already being done.



Encouragement Unlimited, Inc. provides educational, motivation and inspirational programs (e.g., workshops, mentoring and inspirational concerts) to reach its target populations, as well as the broader community.


Encouragement Unlimited, Inc. believes that the more encouragement a person can get, the more productive the person can be.  With that in mind, the organization has developed a postcard project that sends weekly "words of encouragement" to any person who requests it or who is referred to us.  The ultimate goal with this project is to create an "army of encouragers" who regularly send "encouragement" to the people who need it most.



Clyde Malone Community Center
Salvation Army
ood Bank of Lincoln
Lincoln Public Schools
Men's Wearhouse
John Baylor Test Prep



Help Network
Back to School Supplies Party
Ada Robinson Educational Scholarship
ACT Preparation Assistance
"Dress to Impress" Suit Drive
Manhood 101 Conference for Boys



Encourage 1000 Postcard Campaign


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